Wendell & Wild Trailer Review: Henry Selick & Jordan Peele Join Forces!

by Eve Andrews
Wendell & Wild - Jordan Peele

A myriad of intriguing movies have been rearing their heads this Halloween, one of the most highly anticipated among which is undoubtedly Wendell & Wild. And with the new trailer having just dropped, the hype has now hit an all-time high!

Set to release on Netflix later this month, Wendell & Wild was created using the meticulous art form of stop-motion animation. Originally announced way back in 2018, the process has been pretty painstaking for all involved. But if this trailer is anything to go by, then boy, oh boy, has it paid off! With how far stop-motion has come since the release of Selick’s Coraline in 2009, his latest stop-motion project looks as gorgeous as it does intriguing. 

The story follows a young girl named Kat Elliot who has developed a cynical outlook on the world after suffering a severe trauma for which she blames herself. However, Kat’s demons are about to catch up with her – literally! Queue the wrath of an exorcist nun from Kat’s religious boarding school, the meticulous retorts of two mischievous brothers spawned from the depths of Hell, and an undead priest cracking under the pressure of it all! 

From what we’ve seen of the movie so far, there’s a hell of a lot to be hyped about. But what makes it really exciting is the cast and crew involved in bringing this long-term project to fruition. Modern filmmaker, Jordan Peele, has joined together with the legendary director Henry Selick, alongside Peele’s regular on-screen partner, Micheal Keegan. Based on the unpublished book of the same name, co-written between Henry Selick and Clay McLeod Chapman, Selick sits in the director’s chair while Peele both produces and co-writes with Keegan. Each already having a towering reputation in their respective roles, expectations for Wendell & Wild are running high.

In terms of cast, Key and Peele will be teaming up in their old familiar fashion as the demonic brothers themselves, Wendell and Wild. The pair will be playing alongside Lyric Ross as our leading character, Kat Elliot, and Angela Bassett as Sister Helley. The new trailer teases juicy snippets of each performance. Of course, we already know that Key and Peele will play off one another no problem, but the standout of the trailer for me was undoubtedly that of Elliot and Basset, who showcase a beautiful back-and-forth in what appears to be a typical youth Vs. elder tussle. 

With this new trailer implying a feast of a film rife with observant commentary, interesting characters and gorgeously spooky visuals, it’s safe to say that Wendell & Wild will be claiming a top spot on many Halloween watchlists this year. With the long-awaited return of Selick’s classic stop-motion paired with all the wit and humour of the iconic duo that is Key and Peele, alongside the latter’s epic flair for fear, it’s hard to see where this could go wrong. My hopes are certainly high, and I’m excited to see what more Wendell & Wild will bring to the table!

Wendell & Wild is set to Premiere on Netflix this October 28th. 

Will you be watching Wendell & Wild this Halloween? Because we can’t wait! Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

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