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Thor: Love And Thunder Most Interesting Easter Eggs

by Eve Andrews
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After a reception that was more or less split down the middle, the follow-up week for Thor: Love And Thunder has certainly been an interesting one. But, no matter your opinion on the overall movie, like every other MCU release, Love And Thunder harboured a host of super cool easter eggs. Here are some of our favourites! But before we dive in, just a warning that there will be HUGE SPOILERS ahead! So, if you haven’t seen the movie, I recommend heading to our Spoiler Free Review instead. Now, with that out the way, let’s get into it!

1) The Death Of Agar

Right from the get-go, we got some pretty cool page-to-screen parallels. For example, that first sad scene in which Gorr loses his daughter to heat stroke and starvation is taken straight from his comic book counterpart from Thor: God Of Thunder, throwing him into his newfound career as the God Butcher! However, there were some artistic liberties, with Gorr’s daughter originally being his son, a boy named Agar.

2) Hommage to Jean-Claude Van Damme

In the opening battle sequence, we see Thor pull the outrageously entertaining move of preventing a ship collision by blocking them with a full mid-air split. This wasn’t just an off-the-cuff gag but a direct reference to Jean-Claude Van Damme. Specifically, it harked back to Van Damme’s iconic 2013 appearance in a Volvo commercial in which he pulls the same move between two moving trucks, showcasing that, after all these years, the 80s action hero has still got it! Quite fitting for Thor, given everything the MCU has put him through. 

3) Interstellar Education 

Here’s another one for the MCU’s ever-mounting pile of top-tier movie references! Remember that humorously poignant scene in which Dr Jane Foster meets a fan in the clinical waiting room. Well, when she gets chatting and begins hashing out the concept of wormholes, she tears a page out of her own book and stabs a pencil through it as a make-do demonstration. This is a direct parallel to a scene in the 2014 movie, Interstellar, in which Cooper does more or less the exact same thing, also in demonstration of a wormhole. Jane even goes on to recommend Interstellar to her newfound protegé as a fun way to help him get his head around the concept. Marvel has never been shy about revealing their sources, but we always enjoy it when they work in some subtle nods towards their inspiration.

4) Daryl’s New Job!

With Asgard now a major tourist destination, it’s safe to say that the place is quite a bit more crowded than it used to be. But did you notice the tour guide? It’s Daryl, Thor’s old roommate! Before Ragnarok, Thor spent some time in Australia, sharing a place with an office-working everyman named Daryl. It was pretty hilarious watching their two worlds clash, but it seems Daryl has taken one step further into Thor’s domain, snapping up a job at the MCU’s latest bucket-list destination. A quick reunion between the two would have been nice, but still, it’s good to know Daryl’s doing well!

5) The Hemsworth Family

Okay, this one’s more of a fun fact than an easter egg, but it’s pretty cool! In Thor: Love And Thunder, Chris isn’t the only Hemsworth to make an appearance. Speaking of the Asgardian tourist destination, that hilarious play we see being staged features Luke Hemsworth as Thor’s theatrical counterpart. We also see Tristan Hemsworth playing a younger Thor, Sasha Hemsworth as an Asgardian child and Chris’s actual daughter, India, as Gorr’s daughter, soon to become Thor’s adopted daughter. I guess it pays to be well connected?

6) The Cosmic Aquarium

Another comic reference now, this time with the gorgeous space dolphins that appear during one of the movie’s more quiet moments. Although this isn’t the first reference, Marvel has made to the existence of cosmic aquatic life. Present in the Pegasus System, Star Sharks make frequent appearances across multiple comic book volumes involving Thor, sometimes in aid of the protagonist and other times taking on a more antagonistic/ neutral role. In fact, Thor’s comic book counterpart rode on the back of a Star Shark when going to confront none other than the comic book incarnation of Gorr The God Butcher. Man, I would have loved to have seen that on the screen

7) The Party Hammer Returns! 

At the end of the movie, we get an adorable moment in which Thor’s new adopted daughter decorates his legendary hammer, Mjølnir, with some well-intended and rather glitzy graffiti. This is a fun little reference to an episode of 2021’s animated series, What If?, in which Thor nearly ends up transforming Earth into a ‘Party Planet’. Despite trying to cover up the damage, Thor still gets inadvertently ratted out by a rather colourful-looking Mjølnir after forgetting to remove the Hammer’s party decorations before summoning the weapon in front of his already suspicious mother. But hey, it could be worse! Maybe glammed-up Mjølnir will be a permanent fixture now?


Did you spot these easter eggs? If so, then let us know which ones we missed by popping a post on the Wild River Comics Discussion Club!

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