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Lore Olympus SPOILER FREE Review: A Trigger Field Addictive Comic

by Samii Jinx

Lore Olympus started as a cute little webtoon and meme which you may recognise from across various social media platforms, however due to the complex, lovable (and hateable) characters it very quickly took off as its own cult classic.

If you haven’t heard the tale of Hades and Persephone, then in short the original myth goes something like this:Hades, God of the Underworld, falls in love with Persephone (Goddess of Spring) and kidnaps her by splitting the earth beneath her feet while she’s out and about. She tumbles down to the Underworld where Hades makes her his wife. She’s super unhappy about the situation (as you would be), but over time she grows to love him and they live happily ever after. 

This book explores an alternate tale of Hades and Persephone meeting and also introduces all the other Greek gods and goddesses who play a role in their story. Each character is assigned a different colour which makes the fluidity and layout of the pages truly unique. The artwork is rich and dramatic, with gorgeous colours and bold linework.

Sometimes in a retelling of Greek Mythology it’s easy to sanitise it. To wipe the rough edges off and leave the wonder instead of the grim reality that the Gods of Olympus were prone to be petty, vindictive and abusive to both their subjects and each other. Lore Olympus isn’t afraid to broach these difficult subjects. If you follow this story on WEBTOON, visual cues such as music or animations are added to chapters to help reinforce the gravity of these situations when the need arises. But either way, when a particularly traumatic experience takes place the story slows down just enough to give the reader time to process what is taking place. It’s handled in a very mature manner, and delivers shock value with the care and respect that the sophisticated subject matter deserves.

I picked up and devoured this book within hours, it was just too pretty to put down! The stories are both heartwarming and painful. There are some triggers to be aware of, though.The characters confront timeless issues through a modern lens, breaking down the romanticisation of rape and abduction with grace and respect. 

Overall Rachel Smythe has taken a subject that a lot of people will have a passing familiarity about and has shaped it into something new and exciting that has well earned its place amongst WEBTOON success stories. However, whilst it may look almost childlike in art style this is definitely for an older audience and I would recommend this for anyone fascinated by Greek mythology. 

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