Jurassic World: The Fight for Dominion is Here – Trailer Review

by Samii Jinx

Is it a Tyrannosaurus wreck or or a meteoric masterpiece?

With the first movie being released in 1993, it’s weird to say I am older than Jurassic time, however I am glad because it meant I could grow up with this amazing franchise.

I will throw down with anyone who does not think the Jurassic Park and Jurassic World movies are just perfect and the trailer for the final chapter in the latest trilogy only confirms this theory.

At this point, humanity is more or less just there to make sure that the dinosaurs have enough to eat as they once again ascend to the top of the food chain after being released into our world.

Jurassic World Dominion latest trailer shows us the harrowing truth — the power balance is shifting on the planet, we can see living dinosaurs running around our own backyards like they run the place – who is going to tell them they don’t?

As the trailer opens, we see that multiple species of dinosaurs have made the jump from Isla Nubar and packs of raptors are trekking beautifully through frozen landscapes. The trailer then moves on to show Blue, the last of her kind who must be preserved…well, it looks like someone did something about that – life really does always find a way huh! I did not see this coming but I sure am glad it’s happened!

Of course, it can’t stay this peaceful as we are plunged into the chaos of our new reality.

As the world struggles to deal with the fallout of Dr. Henry Wu’s groundbreaking research, we see Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler rejoining the fight for survival which makes my little dino loving heart skip a beat, not to mention the hint that Goldblum’s character may have a bigger role in this movie as the trailer reaches its peak, and is that a feathered dinosaur??

To have the legacy trio joining forces with the Jurassic World cast for me is the perfect conclusion and this trailer lived up to my expectations. Are there any small details I might have missed?

Don’t Move…Jurassic World Dominion hits cinemas on June 10th 2020 – who will I be seeing there??

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