9 Scary Comics To Read This Halloween

by Eve Andrews
Lurker Issue 1 - Harriet is a Tree Cover

Nothing evokes nostalgia quite like reading some scary comics under the bed covers by torchlight. And now, with Halloween creeping ever closer, there’s no better way for us nerds to get into the spooky spirit. And so, to help you get started, here’s a list of some of our favourite creepy comics – best enjoyed under a pile of blankets after dark!

1) The Addams Family (1934 – 1964)

With the arrival of Tim Burton’s new Wednesday adaptation, now is the perfect time to revisit the classically creepy Addams Family comics. Originally created by American cartoonist Charles Addams, The Addams Family first appeared as a serialised comic strip by The New Yorker Cartoons. Following the misadventures of the misfit family, the comics see our beloved little hellraisers work their way through various scrapes. A breath of fresh air, it soon skyrocketed in popularity, capturing the attention of goth kids across the globe! And reading them now, it’s easy to see why. They’re still just as spine-chillingly charming as they were back in the day.

2) Something Is Killing The Children (2019)

Crossing the threshold into exclusively adult horror, Something Is Killing The Children is the kind of comic that’ll have you checking over your shoulder for the rest of the night. Written by DC’s James Tynion and illustrated by Werther Dell’Edera, it follows a string of mysterious child abductions. Most victims are seized and never seen again. However, there are a small few that survive to tell the tale, and it’s a tale that meets with widespread disbelief. There is, however, one person who takes their stories seriously, and she is determined to hunt down and slaughter the mysterious stranger who’s been snatching the innocents. Visually and conceptually compelling, this mini-horror series is a fast-paced page-turner with a sizeable dose of blood-soaked suspense. 

3) Arkham Asylum: A Serious House On Serious Earth (1989)

For anyone who thinks Superheroes are exclusively for kids, I respond by offering Arkham Asylum. In this startling instalment of the DC Universe, the inmates of Arkham Asylum lure Batman in by threatening to murder a mass of innocent hostages. In an effort to save their lives, Batman is forced through a demented gauntlet of madness, enduring the personal Hell of some of his most unhinged enemies, among whom are Two-Face, The Joker, Poison Ivy and many more. As things become increasingly more twisted, the steady constitution of the Caped Crusader begins to crack, and Batman starts to feel his own sanity slowly slipping. By far one of the most unnerving additions to DC’s Superhero portfolio, you will be left thinking about this introspective psycho-thriller for weeks to come.

4) Lurker: Harriet Is A Tree (2022)

Part of an ongoing anthology, Wild River Comics offers you the first instalment of the Lurker anthology, Harriet Is A Tree. Stuck living with the strained relationship between herself and her mother, a young girl named Harriet suffers from unfathomable loneliness. However, she finds an expected companion in a tree that grows outside her window, finding solace in its naturally benign nature. But the closer Harriet grows to her friend, it becomes apparent that Tree is, in fact, hiding some alarmingly sinister secrets. Marking the start of Wild River’s horror journey, we’ve made sure to make this one especially spooky!

5) Wytches (2014)

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘witches’? Broomsticks? Cauldrons? Pointy hats? Well, this comic book has none of that, instead conjuring some very different imagery concerning this old Western folkloric trope. Written by Scott Snyder and illustrated by Jock, Wytches is a six-issue mini-series that follows the Rooks family as they flee from a horrific trauma that befell their young daughter, Sailor. In hopes of a fresh start, they move to the remote town of Litchfield and try their best to continue on with their damaged lives. However, they soon realise that they have walked right into the heart of their haunted past, and it’s far more sinister than they ever even dared to imagine. This reimagining of the witch legends gives you a good reason to fear the craft.

6) Edward Scissorhands: Parts Unknown (2015)

Did you know that Edward Scissorhands had a comic sequel?! Okay, it’s an unofficial sequel, but it certainly doesn’t feel like it. Written by Kate Leth and illustrated by Drew Rausch, Edward Scissorhands: Parts Unknown was published by IDW in 2015 and has all the weird and wonderful vibes of a typical Burton tale. Following Kim’s passing, her teenage granddaughter, Meggs, becomes increasingly curious about the strange house on top of the hill, a fixture that the rest of the town seems reluctant to discuss. While the rest of her family dismisses her grandmother’s stories as little more than fantastical bedtime fairy tales, Meggs wonders if there might be more to it than that. Her curiosity eventually leads her to explore the mysterious mansion on the mountain, and she’s shocked by what she finds. A heartfelt continuation of the beloved movie, this quirky little comic skillfully mimics Burton’s bizarre blend of creepy but cosy.

7) From Hell (1981)

The Ripper Murders have been a source of intrigue for over a century, spurring many theories and fictional remakes. But this epic collaboration between Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell is one of the most intriguing by far. In a complex web of dark secrets and royal scandal, From Hell masterfully weaves mythological and religious lore into a politically prudent historical horror that will make your hair stand on end. As Moore hashes out the Ripper conspiracy, he delves deep into the human psyche and how we handle societal terror, exploring both the civilian experience and that of those pulling the strings. As captivating as it is ambitious, this historical horror is truly one of a kind. 

8) American Vampire (2010) 

Vampires are a pretty tired trope, having been overused and glamorised to the point of near absurdity. But fear not, because this absolutely epic writing duo is here to bring back the fright factor. As if the thought of Scott Snyder heading a vampire-themed comic series wasn’t exciting enough, he teams up here with the King of psycho-horror himself, Stephen King! With King expressing his desire to “make vampires scary again”, this double-dose of horror writing royalty cook up two interlinking stories that follow a new breed of vampire, a being that possesses strength and agility so astounding it strikes terror into the hearts of its vampiric predecessors. With some truly original takes that deviate wonderfully from ‘sexy vamp’ pop culture, American Vampire is as refreshing as it is stomach-turning. 

9) Tales From The Crypt 1950 – 1955

Closing on an absolute classic, EC’s Tales From The Crypt is a Halloween staple! Dating back to the 1950s, the controversial release of Tales From The Crypt marks the beginning of adult horror comics in the Western World. This incredible vintage archive is packed with grizzly tales and graphic visuals, some of which were considered so shocking at the time that they gave rise to the infamous Comics Code Authority, which enforced censorship within Western comics to ‘protect the youth of America’. Changing the trajectory of the medium forever, these blood-curdling comics are an absolute must-read for any horror lover – and what better time of year to revisit them?

Which comics will you be reading this Halloween? Let us know your top picks in the comment section below, or drop a post on the Wild River Comics Discussion Club!

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