9 Black Adam Epic Easter Eggs That You Missed

by Eve Andrews
black adam

The long-awaited arrival of Black Adam is finally here! A beloved hero of the page, fans have been buzzing to finally see the hero, Black Adam, grace the silver screen. And with his first appearance being the major grand-scale blockbuster it was, theatre-goers have been left reeling with the sheer extravagance of it! And as a bonus, just like every other major DC movie, Black Adam was rife with juicy easter eggs hidden amid the mass of explosions and fancy effects. Here are some of our favourites! 

Disclaimer: This list will contain major spoilers for the Black Adam movie. If you haven’t seen it yet, we recommend first heading over to our Black Adam SPOILER FREE Review

With that out of the way, let’s get into it!

1) Mini Rock!

Right off the bat, Black Adam introduced some pretty deliberate casting, with Teth-Adam’s son, Herut, being portrayed by Uli Latukefu when in his superpowered form. The casting here was on point, with the two of them looking as if they really were undoubtedly related. A convenient choice on the casting director’s part, with Latukefu also having starred in the 2021 NBC series, Young Rock, in which he portrays a youthful Dwayne Johnson. No wonder Latukefu pulled off the role so well – he was fresh out of an entire series worth of practice!

2) The Ancient City Of Kahndaq

In a sumptuously scenic way of setting the tone, the film opens up with the cinematic vision of Kahndaq. Not only is it highly detailed, but a fully believable civilisation reminiscent of Ancient Middle Eastern culture. To fans of the comics, the design of Kahndaq will no doubt look familiar, with the production nailing the original design to an absolute tee. From the towering walls to the famous kneeling statues, the scenery is instantly recognisable. A great little nostalgia hit for those who first visited the city via the page.

3) Intergang 

Speaking of Kahndaq, it’s known in the DC Universe as having quite a troubled history. In Black Adam, it’s presented as being an occupied city that has been repeatedly oppressed, colonised and drained of its resources. In Black Adam’s modern era, we see it being occupied by a militarised organisation, but we never really get any details on who they are. However, if you’ve read the comics or watched Superman: The Animated Series, you may already be aware that this is, in fact, Intergang. Frequently featured as antagonists, Intergang is a tech-oriented organisation with a long history in the DC Universe. Bursting with storytelling potential, it’s good to finally see them on the big screen!

4) DC Fanboy! 

DC has recently started acknowledging the presence of in-universe fans with the 2019 Shazam! movie being a prime example. And Black Adam is now following suit with Amon, whose room is jam-packed with Superhero merch. You don’t have to look too hard to spot his posters of Superman, Aquaman and The Flash, not to mention his backpack full of comics. A loving nod towards the fans, many viewers will no doubt see a piece of themselves in Amon!

5) Cyclone’s Origins 

Many introductions were made in Black Adam, one of them being the Justice Society. An organisation that comic fans will doubtless be familiar with, it was pretty epic seeing them grace the big screen for the first time ever. And as well as introducing a myriad of members, we also got a few cool hints towards their backstories, particularly that of Cyclone. She states during a conversation with Atom Smasher that she was kidnapped as a child and experimented on, a traumatising experience that left her with superpowers as an unintended side-effect. Fans of the comics will know that this is a direct reference to Professor T.O. Morrow. Maybe this infamous scientist will make a big screen appearance in the future? Having been a villain in the DC Universe for decades, there’s plenty to work with. The story of his experimentation on Cyclone is something I’d be stoked to see!

6) A Nod to Al Pratt

DC Comics featuring the Justice Society have been known for referencing old superhero veterans coming in to teach the rookie rabble a thing or two! And Black Adam maintains this tradition with the cameo appearance of Al Pratt, the original torch bearer of the title, Atom. During a video call with the baby-faced Atom Smasher, we hear Al warning the new, younger incarnation of Atom to be careful with the suit – it’s vintage! Originally appearing in 1940 in Issue #19 of All American Comics, Al certainly has quite the legacy to teach. Atom Smasher is lucky to have him as a mentor!

7) Shazam! 

Anyone else who couldn’t help but giggle whenever the Rock said ‘shazam’ in that deathly serious tone? It’s clear that Black Adam tried very hard to separate itself from 2019s Shazam!. But despite its wildly contrasting atmosphere, it is nevertheless a direct extension of the Shazam!’s overarching story and, therefore, couldn’t escape the interweaving of certain lore. For example, many viewers might recognise the appearance of a certain Mage. During Teth-Adam’s flashback, take a close look at the wizards. One of them is, in fact, the wizard Shazam himself, as portrayed by Djimon Honsou in the original Shazam! movie. Despite getting no dialogue and very little screentime in Black Adam, his presence nevertheless confirms the canonical connection between Teth-Adam and the distinctly more lighthearted hero, Shazam. 

8) Emelia Harcourt 

As Teth-Adam was transported to his prison, you may have noticed a familiar face. During this scene, Emelia Harcourt, an NSA agent known for her work with Amanda Waller, makes a brief cameo. Last seen in the HBO Series, Peacemaker, her appearance in Black Adam is a nice little nod to DC’s extended lore and helps the cinematic universe feel just that little bit more connected. 

9) 52 Cover Tribute

As the movie closes, Teth-Adam ascends briefly to the throne of Khandaq before destroying it in a symbolic gesture to represent the city’s freedom from dictatorship. However, as he was sitting on the throne, some eagle-eyed viewers may have noticed a pretty epic parallel. The way the Rock positions himself on the throne directly mirrors the iconic cover of DC’s 52 #45. There’s always something very special about these quick little tributes. It’s heartwarming to know that, even in this era of grand-scale Hollywood blockbusters, DC still hasn’t forgotten its roots. 

Do you spot all of these easter eggs? Any we missed that you want to tell us about? Let us know in the comment section below, or drop a post on the Wild River Comics Discussion Club!

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