8 Great Christmas Gifts For Comic Lovers

by Eve Andrews
Christmas Gifts For Comic Lovers

It’s that time of year again – time to get ready for the big Christmas shopping slog, a day of cold hands, achy feet and empty wallets. And so, in the interest of making your day just that little bit easier, we’ve compiled a list of great Christmas gifts for comic lovers that we think would make a thoughtful addition to any collector’s shelf.  

1) The Annotated Sandman (2022)

If you’ve heard of comics, you’ve definitely heard of The Sandman. The absolute apex of the medium’s potential, it is widely regarded as one of the greatest comics of all time and Writer Neil Gaiman’s masterpiece. And now, with this brand new annotated version, co-created by Neil Gaiman and Leslie S. Klinger, you can enter the creators’ minds and discover all the deeper thinking that went into creating this grand vision. From the historical and contemporary context to hidden meanings, references and more, this treasure trove of inside information spills the beans on everything that went into this epic comic book classic.

2) Lurker #1 Harriet Is A Tree (2022)

Here’s one for all the big spooky fans out there! For those who like a different kind of holiday chill, the first instalment of the Lurker horror anthology series will make the perfect stocking filler. It follows the story of Harriet, a young girl who has a fractured relationship with her mother. Lonely and confused, she finds comfort in the beautiful tree that lurks outside her window. However, as time goes on, Harriet starts to realise that her beloved Tree may not be as benign as she thinks. Written by Beanie White and illustrated by Anna Readman, Harriet Is A Tree will make a great gift for any horror-loving comic nerd. Use code: Christmas10 to get 10%off at checkout

3) Marvel Encyclopedia (2019)

Despite being one of the most successful comic book studios in history, Marvel is also known for being notoriously difficult to get into. Due to its expansive interconnecting universe, no one ever knows where to start. Well, worry not because this recent edition of the Marvel Encyclopedia will help anyone get up to speed in no time. Featuring an introduction from the late and great Stan Lee, the Marvel Encylopedia maps out the critical events of the Marvel universe in palatable bite-sized chunks, as well as being the definitive Who’s Who of Marvel’s ever-growing list of over 1200 characters. An easy way to keep track of everything Marvel, it’s a fantastic gift for both beginners and superfans alike! 

4) Super Graphic: Visual Guide To The Comic Book Universe (2013)

Who knew analytics could be so fun? If you know someone looking for broader information on the comic book world, this infographic guide may be exactly what they need. Traversing the intricate world of comic book culture through a series of palatable graphs and pie charts, this guide answers all the big questions in a detailed and digestible way, and that’s also pretty damn fascinating. From the ins and outs of comic book classics to what you can expect to find at your typical comic convention, this gift will be a godsend for anyone looking to get a leg-up into the vast scape of comic book culture.

5) Buffy: The Highschool Years – Freaks & Geeks (2016)

Buffy The Vampire is one of those fun, easy-watch shows you’d binge-watch while huddled around the fire on Boxing Day. But for all you comic lovers out there, you can do more than that! Published by Darkhorse comics, The Highschool Years follows the fast youth of the iconic Slayer as she deals with her vampiric adversaries on top of all the universal struggles of adolescence. Depicting the underestimated pressures of teenage life, this amusingly macabre high school drama is as relatable as it is wonderfully ridiculous. Co-written by Joss Whedon and Faith Erin Hicks, topped with gorgeous illustrations by Yishan Li, this creative take on the classic Buffy character is sure to make any comic lover smile this Christmas.

6) Norse Mythology: Graphic Novel (2020)

As much as we love their Marvel incarnations, it’s not where Loki and Thor were truly born – not even close. We mentioned earlier Neil Gaiman’s epic comic tale, The Sandman, along with its annotated edition that delves into the deeper inspirations behind its creation. Among these inspirations are the ancient Norse myths, which comic fans can explore in even greater detail with this stunning visual interpretation of Neil Gaiman’s novel, Norse Mythology. Adapted into the comic format by Neil Gaiman and P. Craig Russell, with illustrations from artists Mike Mignola, Jerry Ordway, Jill Thompson, David Rubín and Piotr Kowalski, Norse Mythology is one of the few faithful retellings of the ancient myths that defined Norse culture and have since become an infinite source of inspiration within literature and the comic book medium. Perfect for anyone who wants to delve deeper into comic book lore.

7) Daughters Of Albion #1 (2022)

No Christmas is complete without a little fantasy, and for that, we recommend the first instalment of Immortal London’s flagship title, Daughters Of Albion. Set in a futuristic vision of dystopian London, a mysterious double murder occurs on the banks of the Thames. However, as Detective Inspector Elias Shaw delves into the investigative rabbit hole, it’s revealed that the bodies on the Thames may not be human. A cyberpunk fantasy writhing with twists and turns, Daughters Of Albion has something for everyone – a safe but exciting gift option for any comic fan! Use code: Christmas10 to get 10%off at checkout

8) Life Is Strange (2020)

Renowned for its compelling plot and unique storytelling style, the Life Is Strange video game was the hot Christmas gift for gamers, comic fans and story lovers everywhere. But the story doesn’t stop with the game. The Life Is Strange graphic novels are ideal for any fan who the game left wanting more – which, let’s be honest, is all of them. Written by Emma Viecieli and illustrated by Claudia Leonardi, this official sequel series covers everything that happened after the events of the game. As gripping as it is satisfying, this epic addition to the Life Is Strange storyline leaves no loose threads untied. It’s the perfect Christmas present for the gamer who’s got everything!

We hope this list makes your Christmas shopping a bit easier this year. Do YOU have any gift ideas for us? Share your suggestions in the comment section below.

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