7 Sci-Fi Comics That You Should Read Now

by Eve Andrews
sci-fi comics

The sci-fi genre has started to feel a little tired in recent years. Drowning in a swamp of repetitive tropes, a bunch of Star Wars knock-offs, and the cutesy-fying of Star Wars itself, a lot of mainstream sci-fi content can sometimes feel a little bit too predictable. But fear not, fellow sci-fi fans, because we’ve got the perfect list to rejuvenate your love of the genre. Here are 7 amazing sci-fi comics that are guaranteed to leave you starstruck!

1) Invisible Kingdom (2019)

If you’re craving a good sci-fi but also looking for something a bit more thought-provoking than the typical laser-armed space battles, then Invisible Kingdom is definitely for you. While classic sci-fi battles are involved, they’re steeped in layers of carefully crafted meaning. Invisible Kingdom tells the story of an intergalactic society ruled by a monotheistic religious order. However, when a young, devoted acolyte discovers the shocking levels of insidious corruption poisoning their society, an epic battle to find the truth ensues. A twist-filled tale of secret societies and dangerous conspiracies, Writer, G. Willow Wilson, conveys this complex, multi-faceted story alongside Christian Ward’s beautifully bright, psychedelic artwork. An epic, star-filled page-turner, Invisible Kingdom is a trip you’ll never want to come from!

2) Descender (2015)

We couldn’t have a sci-fi comic list without having something centred around the increasingly hot topic of AI. Set in a universe where all androids have been outlawed, Descender follows the heart-wrenching struggle of a sentient robot boy, fighting to stay alive in a galaxy where his very existence has been ruled illegal. And with bounty hunters lurking and laying traps on every planet, the poor kid can run, but he can’t hide. There are lots of stories out there that delve deep into the darkest sides of the human condition, but what makes Descender different is that it does so through the eyes of a character that isn’t even human. This opens up a multitude of questions in regards to how we, as a species, view the concept of sentience. Be prepared because this one is a real emotional rollercoaster.

Our first comic Daughters Of Albion includes many sci-fi elements that you might enjoy. Feel free to have a look here.

3) WE3 (2004) 

Cute critters in comics have been a recurring trope for a reason – people love to see it! It’s fun, wacky and, let’s be honest, cute. However, DC’s Vertigo Comics takes this comfortably familiar trope, seasons it with a healthy dose of heavy introspection and tear-jerking storyline and voila – we have WE3! The story’s catalyst is three seemingly innocent housepets – however, they are more than anyone would expect from this description alone. This loyal dog, ginger tabby cat and adorable fluffy bunny have been weaponised by the government for lethal combat! However, when faced with the threat of being permanently decommissioned, the three of them make a break for freedom in a desperate push back against their ruthless creators. While being fun, wacky and a bit weird, WE3 hits hard. Exploring the ongoing issue of humanity’s abuse of nature, the story of these three super critters will have you brimming with a bittersweet, stomach-turning warmth. Oh, and you will cry. A lot. Just saying.

4) East Of West (2013)

You know what feels really unique? Historical sci-fi! Particularly when said sci-fi and whatever chosen history trope are blended with such dexterity, it just feels so perfectly, indisputably right. Well, East Of West does just that. Set in a splintered nation with all the nail-biting vibes of a gunslinging Western, East Of West presents an alternative America, divided into seven different nations; The Union, Armistice, the Endless Nation, the Kingdom, The Confederacy, the Republic of Texas, and the PRA of Mao. Amid the sci-fi-themed political climate, East Of West brings together a stunning combination of historical themes and religious imagery, with the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse riding through the planes of its sci-fi fuelled depiction of the old, Wild West. An ambitious undertaking, the East Of West collection boasts a breathtaking storyline written by Johnathan Hickman, paired with the incredible artistry of Nick Dragotta. Whether you’re a sci-fi fan or not, it really is an exceptional piece of work.

5) Saga (2012)

A space epic filled with fresh new takes on sci-fi tropes, laced with laughs, tears and subtle sex appeal, Saga will slap you right, left and centre with its gut-wrenching story beats and constant twists and turns – and always when you least expect it. Written by Brian K. Vaughan and illustrated by Fiona Staples, Saga is a sci-fi flick like no other. A romantic comedy that feels freshly humorous with a prominent undercurrent of deep, dark subject matters such as discrimination, the effects of war and the strain of familial bonds, Saga masterfully blends a range of genres to create something entirely new. This incredible piece of work is guaranteed to make your head spin!

6) Paper Girls (2015)

Since the rise of Stranger Things, 80s sci-fi content has hit an all-time high and has more or less become a trope in and of itself. Paper Girls, however, was published a year before the 80s sci-fi trope blew up and now feels like a breath of fresh air. Set in 1988, mere hours after Halloween, a group of four 12-year-old girls are out on their regular paper round when they unearth the craziest story they’ve ever seen! They soon find themselves inadvertently caught in the crossfire of two warring time-travelling factions. This epic sci-fi flick isn’t just a wacky read but explores deeper themes of sexuality, self-discovery, the universal hardships of transitioning from childhood to adulthood – and much, much more! 

7) Orbiter (2003)

It’s common for sci-fi to venture into uncharted galaxies or way off into the distant future. Orbiter, however, breaks this convention, offering a much more down-to-earth take – both literally and figuratively. Set very much in the present, as opposed to centuries off in the future, Orbiter opens with a head-scratching mystery when a space shuttle that has been missing for years crash lands on Earth, containing only one sole survivor. This opens up a world of mysterious questions that attract the curiosity of three specialists, desperate to unravel the mysteries of outer space. An engrossing story of cosmic conundrums and the insatiable curiosity of humankind, Orbiter is a visually stunning experience that will make three hours feel like five minutes! It also adds a chilling layer of reality with its dedication to the crew of the Columbia space shuttle, which disintegrated upon reentering the Earth’s atmosphere in 2003.

What do you think of our list? Are there any entries that stick out to you? Or maybe there’s a sci-fi comics we missed that you think deserve a mention? Let us know in the comment section below!

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