7 Best Sci-fi Films on Amazon Prime

by Eve Andrews
sci-fi on amazon prime

 Amazon Prime has been an increasingly popular destination in recent years, and as you’d expect, the sci-fi catalogue has gotten pretty huge. So, to help you avoid the overwhelming content overload, here’s a list of some of our favourite sci-fi flicks that Amazon Prime has to offer!

1) The Terminator (1984)

I mean, if you’re a sci-fi lover and you haven’t seen The Terminator, what are you even doing? In the terrifying story of a cyborg assassin sent from the future to alter the course of history, the stone-faced electronic killer relentlessly pursues a waitress named Sarah with the intent to kill her in order to prevent her son from waging a future war. While Arnold Schwarzenegger’s stone-cold acting style can be known for being pretty comedic at times (unintentional or otherwise), in this movie, it’s a perfect fit. His deadpan delivery and complete lack of facial expression convey the emotionless, humanoid robot to an absolute tee! Amazon did well to snap this one up. It’s such a world-renowned classic that you’d expect to have to pay for it, but, like every entry on this list, it’s currently free to all members!

2) Passengers (2016) 

This film is a classic example of why you should never rely on technology. During a near century-long space voyage to a planet named Homestead 2, Jim Preston’s hypersleep pod malfunctions. He wakes up several decades away from their destination, with no way of contacting anybody and no company other than the humanoid droid who runs the onboard bar. Unable to fix his sleep pod, Jim is stranded alone on the ship. As he slowly goes mad with loneliness, he develops an infatuation with Aurora Lane, one of the other sleeping passengers. Waking her up could ruin her life, but how long can one person withstand such intense isolation? A different spin on the typical sci-fi disaster movie with a romantic twist, Passengers provides an interesting look into human behaviour. Relatively understated, for the most part, Passengers is brilliant at building tension and is sure to keep glued to the screen from start to finish.

3) Transcendence (2014)

The concept of artificial intelligence has been a touchy subject for a while, with many feeling fearful of what it might lead to if science ever were to reach that far. And no film plays better on that fear than Transcendence. When Dr Will Caster is on the edge of unlocking the secrets to a successful AI, he is murdered by a radical anti-tech group. In a panic, his partner, Evelyn Caster, uploads his consciousness to a quantum computer. Now, with the power of infinite knowledge at his fingertips, Will becomes infatuated with his newfound ability for unlimited discovery and starts displaying some deeply concerning behaviour. A criminally underrated sci-fi thriller, this movie’s topical spin makes it all the more unnerving.

4) Ex Machina (2014)

On the subject of AI, Ex Machina takes things to the next level. While Transcendence explores the concept of digital consciousness, Ex Machina delves into the potential outcomes if said consciousness was given a physical form. Caleb Smith, a young programmer, is given the unique opportunity to assess the latest creation of a top AI scientist. This creation’s name is Ava, an AI robot that is entirely sentient and born with more intelligence than most human beings can achieve in a lifetime. However, as her intellect grows, things start to go awry when she begins asking Caleb the difficult questions. A great tension builder with heaps of moral grey areas, Ex Machina, is a hair-raising warning of what could happen when humans start trying to play God.

5) Coherence (2014)

If uniqueness is what you’re looking for, then Coherence is definitely worth a look. This is also a great one for all the sci-fi loving film buffs out there, as the production circumstances of Coherence are curious, to say the least. While most movies take years of hard work and careful prep, the entirety of Coherence was shot over the course of just five nights on a modest budget of $50,000, using an almost entirely improvised script. It follows the story of eight friends at a dinner party. The night soon starts on a strangely ominous path when an unexpected malevolent influence starts meddling with the psyche of the party’s attendees. This mind-bending collision of sci-fi and horror offers a uniquely refreshing take on the genre, throwing in aspects of psychological thriller that’s sure to make your head spin. With its exciting storyline, satisfying character arcs and distinctive production, this one is definitely worth a look for both sci-fi and cinema lovers alike!

6) Spaceballs (1987)

Alright, let’s switch up the vibe a bit. After all that deadly serious stuff, I bet you’re in the mood for a laugh? Well, Spaceballs is just the ticket! Star Wars is more or less considered the pinnacle of the sci-fi genre, so of course, people are going to take the mickey out of it. Spaceballs does just that, and it does it beautifully! This blatantly on-the-nose parody presents a strikingly similar plot to its counterpart, featuring Lone Starr as he goes head-to-head with the evil Dark Helmet! Exploiting every possible Star Wars plot hole, poking fun at the endless commercialism and having a good laugh at all the numerous sci-fi cliches in general, Spaceballs is a great commentary piece wrapped in a thick layer of pure silliness. If you’re a sci-fi fan and you feel in need of something a bit ridiculous, then Spaceballs is a great option!

7) Back To The Future (1985)

Going out an absolute classic here with the vintage gem that is Back To The Future! The perfect movie for a Sunday afternoon, Amazon did a great job grabbing this title – it’s the kind of movie you can watch over and over and never get bored. Almost single-handedly responsible for turning the DMC DeLorean into an absolute icon, Marty McFly travels back in time with a DeLorean turned time machine, where he winds up having to play wingman to his two teenage parents in order to save both his own existence and the future as he knows it. A fun, sci-fi flick, this is a perfect choice for any sci-fi lover who is tired of the super-serious vibe that’s currently in fashion. An absolute riot laced with touching moments and a suitable amount of suspense, there’s a good reason Back To The Future has become so well-loved.

Which entry on this list do you find most intriguing? Have we missed any great sci-fi titles in the Amazon catalogue that you think deserve a mention? Let us know in the comment section below!

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