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7 Best Comic Book Sidekicks

by Eve Andrews
Best Comic Book Sidekicks

As much as we love them, it can get a tad tiresome seeing the cape-wearer hogging all the comic panels to themselves. And let’s be honest, a great deal of them would be long dead if it weren’t for their loyal companions. As such, I think it’s time we gave some of our favourite superhero sidekicks some love! Here’s our 7 best comic book sidekicks.

1) Bob, Agent of HYDRA

It can’t be easy reigning in the insatiable personality of Wade Wilson – so props to Bob for taking up the challenge. Bob was introduced in 2007, slogging through life as a low-level agent in the criminal organisation of HYDRA. But things took a much crazier turn when he crossed paths with Deadpool during an infiltration of HYDRA led by the wacky, red-suited hero. Under some quite grim circumstances, Bob was turned to Deadpool’s side, his loyalty to whom earned him the somewhat derogatory titles of Deadpool’s ‘pet’ or ‘minion’. A bit unfair, considering Deadpool would quite literally have lost his head had it not been for Bob. Sticking at Wade Wilson’s side through thick and thin, numerous gunshot wounds and even a case of scurvy, old Bob is a first-class example of a good friend – and we love him for it! Quite frankly, the man deserves a holiday; sort it out, Wade.

2) Harley Quinn 

If there was one thing the comic book community could collectively agree on, it’s that Harley Quinn deserved better. However, much to our delight, her years of fan-favouritism have turned her into a slow-burn antihero within the DC universe. Originally written as a mistreated love interest and side-kick to the Joker for Batman: The Animated Series in 1992, her popularity has since earned her recurring spots in various Batman-related media, both on the page and on screen. With her quirky demeanour, mischievous nature and deeply compelling backstory, it’s no surprise that she stole the show alongside the Joker. It’s been great seeing her really come to her own with her more recent on-screen appearances, such as the Harley Quinn series and Birds Of Prey. Eat y’heart out, Mr J!

3) Bucky Barnes 

In the last decade, Buckey Barnes has made a major rebound in the comic book world. Initially introduced in 1941 as the offhand sidekick to Captain America, Buckey wound up limited to the occasional flashback appearance and the odd reference from the Cap and company as the plucky bloke who helped him out. Following his death, it seemed that Bucky’s legacy was doomed to be that of a mere footnote in comic book history. However, that all changed in 2004 when Steve Epting and Ed Brubaker took the radical route of resurrecting the character, re-introducing him as the Winter Soldier. As a result, Bucky’s popularity skyrocketed! A few years later, the pupil became the master, with Bucky taking on the role of Captain America from 2004 to 2011. Bucky’s presence in the Marvel Universe is ongoing, and with his boyish charms and twist-filled character arcs, we can only hope it stays that way!

4) Robin 

I mean, this one is a given. The classic Batman & Robin duo is possibly the most iconic in comic book history! After making his public debut way back in 1940, Robin has become a definitive part of the Batman universe. Just like James Bond, the identity of Robin has been assumed by a plethora of different characters, each one bringing something new to the role of Batman’s beloved ward. From Dick Grayson in the 1940s, all the way to the current Damien Wayne, every incarnation of Bruce Wayne’s junior counterpart has been a memorable character in their own right, cementing the identity of Robin into a major, permanent fixture of the DC Universe.

5) Rashaad

Oh, we do love our boy, Rashaad. Straight from the pages of Daughters Of Albion, Rashaad is the put-upon best friend of Hashani. He is resourceful, caring and not to mention the far more sensible of the two. Constantly having to mediate Hashani’s impulsive whims and fiery temperament, it’s hard to imagine where she’d be without Rashaad’s calming energy – or whether she would still be here at all! Sometimes, you just need a friend whose willing to take you down a peg or two.

6) Wally West

The original Kid Flash, Wallace Rudolph, was introduced to the public in 1959. Among those who took the mantle of their mentor, Wally West later assumed the identity of The Flash from 1986 all the way to 2009. However, even before his adulthood stint as The Flash, Wally found success in his sidekick years as a well-loved favourite and major anchor point of the iconic Teen Titans. With all the high-spirited buoyancy of a classic teen hero, it’s no wonder this electrifying speedster won the hearts of readers long before he claimed the title of fully-fledged superhero. 

7) Rick Jones

An all-rounder of the Marvel universe, Richard Olsen was originally introduced in 1962 as a sidekick to the Incredible Hulk. Since then, Rick has served at the side of several prestigious superheroes, including Captain America, The Avengers and two Captain Marvels! However, the role of Rick Jones in the Marvel Universe extends far beyond the hero’s little helper. With the creation of his own Superteam known as the Teen Brigade, Jones played an instrumental role in the eventual creation of The Avengers. His presence in the Marvel Universe is ongoing. He remains a figure that’ll give any comic fan a warming hit of friendly nostalgia.

Who’s your favourite Superhero sidekick? Is there someone we missed that you think deserves a mention? Let us know your takes in the comment section below!

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