6 of the Most EXPENSIVE Comic Books on the Market RIGHT NOW

by Eve Andrews

How much would you be willing to shell out for a super rare comic book? Having only recently emerged from nearly two straight years of on and off lockdowns, many in the comic book community have used their spare time to go on the hunt for prized pieces. As such, the price of rare collectors comics has skyrocketed! Here are some of the most expensive comic books on the market right now.

1) The Dandy Monster Comic, 1st Edition – £2,500

If you grew up in the UK, chances are you’re familiar with The Dandy! Pretty much every kid in Britain has secretly stayed up past their bedtime, hiding under their bedcovers, reading the latest adventures of Desperate Dan with a torch they stole from their parent’s drawer. Who would have thought that simple childhood pleasure would end up on the market for £2,500? An absolute fortune for a ten-year-old! AbeBooks are currently selling this 1st edition of The Dandy Monster Comic from 1940. It’s a real gem from the archives that could be yours! If you have a spare two and a half grand lying around, that is..

2) Werewolf By Night #32 – £5,995

With the Moon Knight Disney+, series set to debut on March 30th 2022, interest in the old school gem has recently been reignited. As such, Moon Knight’s public debut, as featured in the 32nd issue of Werewolf By Night, is becoming an all the more desirable addition to the comic collector’s shelf. So if you’re one of many looking to add the incarnation of Moon Knight to your prized comic book pile, you can snap up a rare 1972 original from Incognito Comics at the healthy price of £5,995.

3) Action Comics #13 – $11,000

The 1930s/40s Action Comics series mark the birth of DC Comics as we know it today. As such, original vintage copies are some of the most sought after in the comic book world. Reece’s Rare Comics have procured a copy of Action Comics #13, a landmark issue that features Superman’s first-ever face-off with Ultra Humanite. With only 28 copies currently recognised by the CGC Census, this one really is a diamond in the rough – one that will set you back a solid $11,000.

4) Star Wars #1 – $50,000

Ever since its launch in 1977, Star Wars has been a consistent hit. With the franchise having since been bought by Disney, it is now one of the most lucrative products currently owned by the big mouse. In a franchise that has stood the tests of time to such a major extent, it’s no surprise that the olden day merchandise would be worth a few pennies. This independent dealer based in California has come across one of the original Star Wars comics, published in 1977 by Marvel Comics. But wait, there’s more – this 70s, CGC certified original is also reportedly signed by the writer, Roy Thomas. A real gem from the vaults, this copy will cost you a hefty $50,000.

5) Signed Vintage Marvel Collection – A$79,000

With the sad passing of Stan Lee, comics adorned with the legend’s signature are becoming harder and harder to come by. Every now and then, though, a signature or two will come out of the woodwork. An independent collector in Australia is selling off this rare collection of four vintage comics, two of which bear the signature of the Marvel Grandaddy himself, the signing of which having been reportedly witnessed by CGC at an LA Convention. Don’t get too excited, though, because you’re going to need some pretty deep pockets if you want to add these bad boys to your collection, as they are being sold at the hefty price of $79,000 Australian dollars.

6) X-Men Uncanny #1 – $99,999.99

Initially published in 1963, X-Men Uncanny is a considerable landmark in Marvel history. With the issue featuring the debut of much-loved mutants such as Beast, Cyclops and Magneto, there’s no wonder it’s such a sought-after piece for the collector’s case. With original copies that are in good condition now fairly hard to come by, this English dealer has found one! This graded copy is being sold via the official eBay channel of Silveracre comic book dealers. It’s currently listed for a bank-busting £99,999.99 – one penny shy of a hundred grand.

Would you ever consider a comic book at these prices? What’s the highest you’d go to obtain that prized collector’s piece? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


It’s important to do your own research before purchasing any collector’s item. Wild River Comics is not responsible for any purchases made with the above-listed dealers.

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