4 New Horror Films for those Post-Halloween Chills

by Eve Andrews
New Horror Films

With Halloween done and dusted, pretty soon, the streets, shops and media will be awash with Christmas paraphernalia. And while some love it, the sparkly season isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, with some being far more partial to the annual October spook fest. So, for those not willing to give up on the Halloween spirit just yet, here are some great new horror films to keep you in the mood!

1) Something In The Dirt

After its premiere at 2022s Sundance Film festival, Something In The Dirt is now being distributed to the broader public by XYZ Films and is set to release this November 4th. Directed jointly by Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson, this creepy psycho-horror follows two deadbeat neighbours named John and Levi. Lacking ambition and any real accomplishments, they see a sudden opportunity to turn their lives around when they witness a bizarre paranormal event outside their apartment building. In a quest for fame and fortune, they decide to try and document these events, leading them down an insane rabbit hole. A bizarre nail-biter with a sci-fi/fantasy twist, Something In The Dirt promises to be a uniquely spooky experience.

2) The Menu

We all love food; not only is it a daily pleasure and a social tool, but it is also one of the most basic human needs imaginable. As something that is so universally required, it’s a wonder that no one has ever thought of a food-themed horror movie before! We all have to eat, after all – so no one is safe. Directed by Mark Mylod, The Menu takes place on a remote island that happens to be an exclusive restaurant destination, housing the eccentric world-famous culinary chef, Chef Slowik. However, over the course of a lavish dinner party event, Slowik’s so-called menu becomes alarmingly elaborate. A fresh horror concept brimming with delicious drama and a 5-star cast, The Menu is set to hit cinemas this November 18th – and it looks sure to make your stomach turn!

3) Nanny

Remember that old teenage fear of being watched or haunted while babysitting for your neighbour? Well, Nanny is about to bring that to life in a hair-raising collaboration between Amazon Studios and Blumhouse. A woman named Aisha has recently immigrated from Africa to the States and landed herself a job as a nanny for an affluent couple in Manhattan. However, when a malevolent presence invades, Aisha’s dreams and nightmares bleed violently into reality, threatening to destroy the life she’s fought so hard to build. Another film that first premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, Nanny will be available to watch on Amazon Prime Video this November 23rd.

4) Bones And All

Here’s an interesting one! While horror is frequently blended with a multitude of genres, Bones And All offers the intriguing concept of a romance horror. When a troubled young woman named Maren Yearly becomes enamoured with a drifter named Lee, the pair embark on a 3,000-mile road trip across America in an attempt to escape the hostilities of their former lives. However, the faster they run, the more demons they encounter, with every road they take seems to lead to another facet of their frightening pasts. And the more secrets and differences these roads reveal, the harder it becomes for them to face their demons as a pair. A romantic 80s horror film doused with brutality, gore and some pretty grim imagery, Bones And All looks to be a very unsettling horror flick designed to mess with its audiences’ minds. And all I can say is: challenge accepted!

Will you be going on a post-Halloween horror binge? Which film are you looking forward to most? Let us know in the comment section below!


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